Mobile Service Makes Uni Student Storage a Cinch


Uni Student Storage

When university students go away for their holidays, whether that be the couple of weeks over Christmas and Easter or that nice long stint in the summer, they often face a dilemma: what to do with the majority of their belongings. With many students going home by train, there is limited space for luggage and the situation isn’t much better for car drivers.

The situation is worst for those students moving to a different house or halls after their break away. They normally have to move their stuff out of their old house by the end of term to make way for new arrivals but they are not usually permitted to move anything into their new property since the landlord often uses this time to clean and make ready. There may be friends staying in the area who are willing to help with storage space but that’s a big risk to take.

Self-storage is usually the next port of call but although the industry is booming, the majority of services don’t really cater for the specific needs of uni student storage, even if they say they do.

Space and Time are different: our mobile self-storage service overcomes many of the problems uni students have when trying to secure their stuff: lack of money, lack of time and lack of transport.

Simplifying the Problem

Maths students are often told to simplify a problem before taking it on and that’s what Space and Time have done with the problem of uni student storage.

Uni students rarely have their own transport and are usually not experienced enough to hire a van. We have taken that aspect right out of the equation by delivering boxes and packing materials to the student’s door, picking them up when he or she has packed them and storing them in a safe, dry, secure facility until they need us to deliver it back to them.

We have simplified the booking system by making it accessible online to any device and breaking the process into simple, easy to understand steps.

And we have also reduced and simplified the costs to make everything student budget-friendly. Prices are calculated based on the number of boxes needed and are totted up as students progress through the booking process.

We Store Bikes, Pictures, Furniture and More

We have been as flexible as possible when designing our uni student storage service. Although we send as many sturdy, flat-packed boxes as the student needs, we also allow them to include items which don’t fit in a standard box. For example, many of our customers include a bicycle, others want to store musical instruments. For students needing to protect fragile items like mirrors and pictures, we can send suitable boxes for these too.

For students who really want to go down the thrifty route, we are happy to leave off sending the boxes and handle theirs instead. We just ask them to make sure each box is strong enough and not overpacked (all boxes must be within our 25kg weight limit). When choosing a mobile self-storage provider it is always worth asking what they can and can’t take as not all are as flexible as Space and Time on this!

Making Life Easier for International Uni Students

Space and Time are also one of the most flexible mobile self-storage companies in terms of delivery. Not only can we use our transport network to deliver items to anywhere in the British Isles, we can also ship internationally. This is a huge advantage to international students in particular as we can ship their goods to almost any city in the world once they leave uni for the final time.

As you can see, Space and Time have drawn on our more than 15 years in the self storage industry to create the ideal solution for uni student storage.

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