Sorting Out Your Student Summer Storage Has Never Been Easier

Student Summer Storage

University students studying togetherThe majority of students look forward to those six to seven weeks between July and September but there is one challenge that gives some of them, especially international students, a bit of a headache:

Where do they store their stuff?

We designed Space and Time Storage to answer that question in the simplest, most student-friendly way possible.

Space and Time Storage are a Mobile Self Storage firm and this model suits most students much better than a traditional self-storage service.

Mobile Self Storage aka ‘we Come to you!’

student storageTransportation to a storage facility is one of the most important considerations for any customer but students often find this more daunting than most. They rarely have access to a van of their own and even if they do have a driving licence they may not be actually allowed to hire a van. Those that can hire are often inexperienced with driving large vehicles and find the transportation process very stressful.

International students, some of who may not be comfortable speaking English, find communication when they arrive at a facility very challenging.

With Space and Time Storage, we handle all of the transportation side of things for our customers. Once you have made your online booking, following the simple step-by-step process, you can simply relax and wait for your storage units and packing kit to arrive (yes, we can even put together a time-saving kit containing boxes and packaging material).

Once you have loaded up your units and secured them, we will collect them and take them to your nearest secure storage facility for you. All items are fully insured both during transit and while in storage.

Finally, we will use our extensive network of drivers and vehicles to return your possessions to your UK destination or, for international students, ship them safely to another city. Most cities on the globe are within our scope.

The Booking Process

We’ve made the student summer storage booking process as fast and easy to follow as possible.

You can book online by going to our home page and clicking the ‘Get Started’ button. You can then follow the nine-step process, starting by selecting your location.

During the booking process, you can select the duration you need storage for and the date when you want your packing kit to be delivered. Our calendar enables you to book well in advance so you can secure your student summer storage spot as soon as you know the dates (although we often have capacity for the last minute booking!)

Why Choose Space and Time?

A lot of companies have jumped on the student storage bandwagon but not all have served their ‘apprenticeship’ in the self-storage industry. With 15 years’ sector experience, Space and Time know everything there is to know about the self storage industry including how traditional self-storage fails to cater for students’ needs and preferences.

For example, some students want to save money by using their own boxes. We are happy to take them as long as they are robust enough and packed below our maximum per box weight limit.

We also find that students often want to store bicycles, suitcases, guitars and other miscellaneous items. We are fine with taking these items too.

In addition, we offer state-of-the-art protection within our storage facilities. This includes digital CCTV and monitored alarm systems.

We hope you decide to trust Space and Time for your student summer storage needs this year or in the future. With storage facilities in major cities including Manchester, London, Leeds and Edinburgh we can serve all of the major UK universities.

Please call our friendly team on 0161 207 1260 if you have any queries.