You Pack. We Collect. We Store.

Then We Deliver or Ship.



Firstly, we deliver boxes to your door for you to pack at your leisure



Then we return for your boxes and any other items you want to store



We return your items to our secure self storage centre for safe keeping



Once you want your items returning we can deliver or ship them

How do we do?

"Space & Time helped me move out of my student digs when I decided to continue my studies in London. They were awesome from start to finish."

Rachel Moore- Glasgow

Student Storage Glasgow

...made simple


- Strong and durable boxes will be delivered to your door for you to pack

- Each box measures 57cm x 47cm x 36cm

- Only pay for the boxes you use

- Need to store a guitar, a suitcase or a bicycle? Don't worry, we can store them too!

- We are fully insured whilst in storage and throughout transit

Space & Time Mobile Self Storage is a student storage service for the University of Glasgow. We’ll certainly provide the full storage service including the collection. Rather than you spend time on transportation, we collect and deliver too. Likewise we provide durable packing boxes to your door for you to pack. Once you have loaded your files, text books, stationery (and whatever else you wish to store) we return on the prearranged date to collect.

We collect the packed boxes from your hall of residence or house in Glasgow. Likewise we can also collect any additional items that do not fitting side the storage boxes. Therefore, if you’re a student wanting to store four boxes of folders, or you have a bike and a guitar, or you have a combination of boxes and suitcases, we can still store the items for you for as little or as long as you need. We are regularly collecting storage boxes from students studying at the University of Glasgow.

If you need to access your storage whilst in Glasgow, contact us and we can arrange to have the items shipped to your door for a small fee.

Why choose Space & Time Student Storage in Glasgow

 – You only pay for the boxes and space you need. It’s so simple!

– Above all we have over 15 years experience in the Self Storage Industry

– A fully flexible service; therefore store as much or as little as you like

– Furthermore our staff and network of vehicles enable us to serve across the UK

About us

Here at Space & Time Mobile Self Storage we are providers of storage solutions for business, personal and student use in Glasgow. Unlike traditional self storage operators, we provide a transport solution, packing supplies and (of course) the secure storage itself. There is no need to visit our premises (although you are more than welcome) because we come to you. We can also ship your items to most cities across the globe from our storage centres.

Registered & Head Office: t/a The MCR Self Storage Company Ltd, Wharfside Way, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1AW