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Student Storage - Pack


First of all we deliver boxes to you so you can pack in your own time

Student Storage - Collect


Our staff return to collect the boxes and any other items



We return your items to our secure self storage centre for safe keeping



Once you want your items returning we can deliver or ship them

Student Storage Bournemouth... simple

Space and Time Mobile Student Storage Bournemouth is the ideal place to keep your precious belongings while traveling back home for the summer.  We pride ourselves in being the most convenient way to store. Also, we cover students studying at the University of Bournemouth.
Because we are mobile, certainly remove the stress of traveling to a storage depot in or around Bournemouth. Therefore, we will save you lots of time to relax after a very hard term studying rather than stressing where your expensive books and goods are going to be stored.

Most noteworthy, our system speaks for itself. We can deliver your flat pack empty boxes on your desired date and time, hence, alleviating wait-time for your delivery. As a result of our many years experience providing an excellent service, even more international students visit our website every year.

Furthermore our online booking program not only enables you to book your boxes, above all. Similarly if you do know your return date to the UK and the city you are going to continue your studies, you can even book in you redelivery date at the same time, above all we take the safety of your belonging very seriously and can assure you that they are in very safe hands. Finally if you do require insurance cover whilst your stuff is in store we have this covered also.

Cheap Student Storage for Bournemouth University Students

Bournemouth University is a globally reputable university which is home to many national and international students who require storage for their belongings all year round due to a variety of reasons such as a vacation, sabbatical, summer break, Christmas break or going home to visit their parents.

Space and Time Student Storage has identified the need for safe reliable storage and has become a household name for Universities all around the country who request us to provide a convenient storage service that can facilitate their student’s storage needs while they are away from University.

With over 15 years of experience in storage and shipping, Space and Time Student Storage provides exceptional services that tick all the boxes for students of all walks of life. Our package was developed with simplicity in mind and to make the whole experience as effortless as possible, we know how you value your prized possessions, therefore, we ensure that the storage buildings are fully insured, alarmed and fully monitored with CCTV.

We can store for you pretty much anything you do not want to not travel with and you pack it in the boxes. With our online booking service, you can book the delivery of your storage cartons and tape them up and write your details on all of your items, then, you can notify us to collect the marked boxes.

It is worth noting that Space and Time Student Storage will ensure the safekeeping of your books and clothing.

We can also relocate your items to a different city on your return with our network of delivery vehicles in and out of the cities in the United Kingdom, Europe and many countries around the world.

How do we do?

"Great service from start to finish."

Sam. W - Bournemouth

This is Student Storage in Bournemouth

made simple...


- Strong and durable boxes will be delivered to your door for you to pack (rather than hiring a van)

- Each box measures 57cm x 47cm x 36cm

- You'll only pay for the boxes you use therefore you save money

-Need to store office furniture, archives or chairs? Don't worry, we can store them too!

- Likewise, we're fully insured whilst in storage and throughout transit

Why choose Space & Time for Student Storage in Bournemouth?

 – You only pay for the boxes and space you need. It’s so simple!

– Above all we have over 15 years experience in the Self Storage Industry

– A fully flexible service; therefore store as much or as little as you like

– Furthermore our staff and network of vehicles enable us to serve across the UK

About us

Space & Time Mobile Self Storage are providers of storage solutions for business, personal and student use in Bournemouth. Unlike traditional self storage operators, we provide a transport solution, packing supplies and (of course) the secure storage itself. Therefore we save you time and money straight away. There is no need to visit our premises (although you are more than welcome) because we come to you. Finally we can also ship your items to most cities across the globe from our storage centres.

Registered & Head Office: t/a The MCR Self Storage Company Ltd, Wharfside Way, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1AW