Yes, of course. All we ask is that your boxes are strong and durable enough to hold the weight of the contents and that the contents of each box does not weigh any more than 25kg.

If you decide to use your own cardboard boxes, you can add them to your storage order at Booking Step 6. Please use the guide below to establish the correct size boxes when ordering:

Large Box: Dimensions do not exceed 60x60x60cm (or equivalent total) and weigh no more than 25kg

Medium Box: Dimensions do not exceed 45x45x45cm (or equivalent total) and weigh no more than 15kg

Small Box: Dimensions do not exceed 30x30x30cm (or equivalent total) and weigh no more than 10kg

Do you sell appropriate cardboard boxes and tape?

We sure do. Take a look at all of our packing supplies at Booking Step 5. We sell everything from cardboard boxes to packing tape and bubble wrap.

Yes, we do offer bike and bicycle storage. It’s one of our most popular services. We offer bike and bicycle storage and collection to students studying at University all over the UK. As always, once we collect and store, we can ship your bike to other cities in the UK.

How should I prepare by bike or bicycle before storage?

Keep in mind that your bike will be coming into storage in one of our vans. Wherever possible the original packaging is always best. We always recommend that you loosen the handle bars so that they are flat and parallel with the frame. If your bicycle has gears, we recommend you protect the gear cassette before it is collected by the driver and arrives at the storage centre.

Yes, we do offer furniture storage. We can store drawer units, small sofas and even bookcases. We always recommend that you wrap your furniture in bubble-wrap and secure it with either shrink-wrap or packing tape. This will also help to handle the furniture into the van.

How do I add furniture to my storage order?

You can add furniture to your storage order at Booking Step 6 under ‘Additional Items’. Here you will have the option of adding computer desks, bean-bags and plastic drawer units. Take a look!

Suitcase and luggage storage has never been so simple. As long as each item does not exceed 25kg we’ll collect it. Please ensure your full name and contact details are on every piece of luggage before it is collected by our driver. For added security, we recommend you wrap your luggage in shrink-wrap ahead of transit.

How do I add a suitcase or luggages to my storage order?

You can add suitcases and luggages to your storage order at Booking Step 6. Here you will have the option of adding a small, medium or large suitcase.

Large Suitcase or luggage: Any piece of luggage weighing no more than 25kg.

Medium Suitcase or luggage: Any piece of luggage weighing between 10-20kg.

Small Suitcase or luggage: Any piece of luggage weighing under 10kg.

Yes, or course. It’s one of our most popular stored items. Where possible we always recommend that you use the original packaging to re-pack the TV or laptop before coming into storage. Alternatively, you can order rolls of bubble wrap and tape at Booking Step 5. If your television does not fit inside the storage boxes provided by us and you don’t have the original box, wrap it several times in bubble-wrap and secure with packing tape to ensure it is tucked-up safe and sound for transit.

How do I add TV, television or laptop to my storage order?

You can add you TV and/ or laptop to your storage order at Booking Step 6. Here you will have the option of adding various sizes of television set.

Large television: Flat-screen TV of screen-size of 43″ upwards

Medium television: Flat-screen TV of screen-size of 32″ upwards

Small television: Flat-screen TV of screen-size of 26″ upwards

It’s a ‘yes’ for all. We can store guitars, amps, trumpets and cellos. In addition we can store dumbbells, barbells and weight benches. And you guessed it, we can also store small lamps and standing lamps too. See below some packing tips to use before we collect your items.

How should I wrap my guitar, weights and lamp before storage?

Wherever possible we recommend using a guitar case (preferably a flight-case) for guitars and amps. If not, use lashings of bubble-wrap to protect the items in transit.

If the weights have a combined weight of less than 15kg then they will be okay wrapped and placed inside one of the storage boxes. Remember to always spread the weight across all of your boxes.

Lamps should be wrapped in bubble wrap and the light-bulb removed. The bulb should be wrapped several times and places inside one of the boxes.

Our storage rates are our biggest attraction. Not only do we deliver packing cartons for you to pack, we also provide the collection built-in to the price. Take a look below at some of our typical services that are being booked by customers right now.

A storage service for every occasion:

Case Study 1: Joseph Brown is a student at Oxford University and needs storage for the summer while he goes travelling. He has got to store 8 packing cartons (delivered by us) for 12 weeks.

TOTAL COST: £149.00

Case Study 2: Debbie Chung is a post-grad studying at Edinburgh University. She needs storage for 8 weeks and her items shipping to London after the storage period. She is storing 4 packing cartons and a small suitcase.

TOTAL COST: £195.00

Case Study 3: Edward Bloor is a solicitor in London and needs to store 4 archive cartons for over 12 months.

TOTAL COST: £20.00+vat pcm

No, not at all. On the very first Booking Step, we ask you how many storage cartons you would like us to deliver to you. These are built in to the storage cost at the end.

What are the dimensions of your storage cartons?

L57cm x D47cm x H36cm

No. If you have some storage cartons left-over after you’ve finished packing, give them to one of our drivers when we collect your items. We’ll make sure they are re-used for another customer. Don’t worry, they’ll be well looked after.

Yes, we will refund the full value of any unused days to you via bank transfer. You only pay for the time you are in storage.

Visit our terms page for full details and our company policies.

As always we want to make your storage experience as simple as possible. Therefore, we have several options for you to pay. If you are in the UK or abroad there will be a secure payment method for you to use. Unfortunately, we can’t accept cash or be held responsible for merchant or bank charges but we can assure you it will be secure.

Ah, the eternal question. One of the biggest advantages in using Space and Time Mobile Self Storage is that you only pay for the storage space you use. Whether you have already received a quote from The Big Yellow Self Storage Company, Safestore, Access Self-Storage, Shurguard Self-Storage or Apex Self-Storage, we’re confident that our level of service, coverage and cost will be just some of the buying factors for you.

Rest assured, from the moment your cartons, bicycles, guitars and suitcases are collected for storage they are secure. Our drivers will deliver your items to the nearest storage centre to you. Here we index the items individually and database them on our system. If we need to find one, we can find it within minutes.

How do you store my items?

Once we database your belongings, your items are assigned to one of our Mobile Self Storage units. Each unit has it unique ID. This ID s entered on your account.

Therefore, when you contact us to have you items delivered or shipped, your items are in exactly the same condition as when we originally stored them.

The dimensions of each of our cartons is 57x47x36cm. This is the ideal size to house your belongings from books, clothes and duvets.

On average, each one of our customers use between 6 and 10 cartons. Don’t forget we can always collect any unused cartons from you free of charge.

How do I construct the cardboard cartons?

We will deliver packing tape with each order. Fold the sides of the cartons to form the shape of the box. Use the packing tape to secure the opening closed. We recommend using a further to lengths of tapes horizontally to strap the box for extra security.

Don’t forget to write your full contact details on the space provided on every box and item that is being collected.

You can store for as long or as little as you like. We try and make things as simple as possible. You don’t have to tell us how long you need the storage for. For storage periods of 4 weeks onwards, and unused storage days will be refunded at the end of the agreement.

We’ve had storage customers using our services for months and also years.

We can deliver plastic and cardboard cartons. The dimensions of each carton is 57x47x34cm. They have been designed to have a big enough capacity to house your items. In addition, once loaded there will be minimal risk of injury and over-loading.

We’re all about the simplicity and although we love to hear from our customers, we won’t need to month after month.

Once you are in storage, we simply take the initial storage period from your debit or credit card. After the initial storage period has come to an end, we will then charge you in four-weekly intervals until you want your items returning from storage permanently.

Don’t forget, when that time comes, we can deliver to any town or city in the UK or across the globe.

We take the security, confidentiality and safe-keeping of your belongings very seriously. Our security systems are constantly under review which give you and us peace of mind.

What security measures do you have in place?
From start to finish we work towards impeccable standards.

Drivers: All our drivers carry forms of identification and wear uniform so you know who you are dealing for collection and delivery.

Vehicles: All the vehicles we use on the road from small to medium sized vans are tracked. We know exactly where your belongings are whilst in transit. Vehicle CCTV systems have been adopted in for added security

CCTV & alarms: All our storage centres are monitored by HD CCTV technology. We also have monitoring alarm systems throughout the warehouses.

Visitors & access: We don’t allow impromptu arrivals to our storage centres. Access to storage areas is pre-arranged so we can monitor the comings and goings of anyone visiting.

Tick, tock, tick tock. We have a number of timed services you can choose from when booking your collection and/ or delivery. If you are flexible, we will deliver or collect you items between 0800 and 2000. The driver will contact you to confirm when it is likely to be. For those of you who need more of a specific time we can offer up to a two-hour timed service. If you are fairly flexible we can also offer a morning or an afternoon service.

How much does a timed-service cost?

We can usually offer a timed service to accommodate your plans and lifestyle. Our timed services and costs are as follows:

Flexible Service: The driver will collect and/ or deliver Monday- Friday between 0800 and 2000 Cost: FREE

AM or PM Service: You can choose either a morning collection and/ or deliver of an afternoon collection and or delivery. Cost: £33.00

Two-hour Timed Service: You can choose a two-hour time window Monday-Friday between the hours of 0800 and 1600. Cost: £66.00

Weekend Service: You can choose a Saturday or a Sunday service between the hours of 0800 and 1200. Cost: £82.50

Yes, of course. Providing your loaded cartons are at ground-floor level ready to go, our driver(s) will load the vehicle for you. Please try and use the closest access point to your building so we can load-up as quickly as possible. Don’t forget, anything that is fragile will need the appropriate wrapping before collection.

It’s simple. There are a number of ways you can arrange the safe return of your items from storage.

Firstly, and if you already know your return date, you can book this in at the same time you’re initially booking your storage.

Alternatively you can email us direct at Make sure you include:

Full name or account number
Email address
Return address
Return date
Delivery service you require
The final way is by quite simply following this link.

Generally we operate a ground-floor collection and delivery service. However, for a small charge of £60 we can now provide the collection and delivery to and from your room. This can be added to your order at Booking Step 7. You will be allocated up to 30 minutes so it is advised that everything is ready for collection one-hour before the driver arrives.

We understand that your personal situation may change. You might want to take a gap-year, or your might want to continue your education in a different city. Either way we can help!

Email us direct at Make sure you include:

Full name or account number
Email address
Return address
Return date
We will reply with a number of services to have your items shipped internationally.

Don’t worry. This is one of the simplest elements of our service. As long as you have labelled the additional item(s) then we’ll collect it. You will be charged the list price for this item at the end of your storage period.

If you are storing a piece of furniture as an additional item that measures over 100x100x100cm, then it is best practise to contact us on 0800 170 1260.

About us

Space & Time Mobile Self Storage are providers of storage solutions for business, personal and student use. Unlike traditional self storage operators, we provide a transport solution, packing supplies and (of course) the secure storage itself. There is no need to visit our premises (although you are more than welcome) because we come to you. We can also ship your items to most cities across the globe from our storage centres.

Registered & Head Office: t/a The MCR Self Storage Company Ltd, Wharfside Way, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1AW