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There are many different reasons why you might need to put items in self storage. You might be a small business with limited space that needs to archive paperwork for a few months, or a retail outlet needing to store some pre-seasonal stock items. You could be a student looking to place your belongings somewhere safe for the summer holidays or whilst you head off for a gap year.

When checking out what self storage is available locally, the two factors of cost and convenience are the most important. Self storage prices can have all sorts of hidden extras and then there is often the worry of how to get your items to storage – and back again.

At Space & Time Storage we’ve got over 15 years’ experience in self storage and we’ve created a value-for-money option that doesn’t involve hiring ‘units’ and is also flexible, easy to arrange and completely reliable. Here’s how we do it.

Box Clever Self Storage Prices

Most self storage companies work on the basis that you must take a minimum unit size, when you might not need all the space inside. Space & Time only charge for the number of boxes that you store, so you can budget to the exact amount of storage you need, without worrying about wasting space.

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Space & Time Offer ‘Outside The Box’ Self Storage Prices

What happens if you need to add some extra items? Again, our prices are worked out on the additional space that you need so, unlike with most self storage companies, you won’t be made to upgrade to a larger unit for the sake of a few items. What’s more, we can also store bulky items that won’t fit into a box, such as office furniture or, if you are a student, a suitcase or some sports equipment. You can find out more about this on our FAQs page on our website.

Self Storage Prices That Include Transport

You won’t need to hire a van to get your items to us. We will provide you with robust boxes and then collect them once they are packed, taking them back to our nearest self-storage facility. This is all built-in to your self storage price. We will also arrange the transport of your items back to your agreed location. If your plans change, we’ll sort it out for you. Our experienced staff and network of vehicles means that we can arrange delivery across the UK and even abroad, if necessary.

Booking Your Self Storage

Ready to take the plunge? It could not be more simple. First of all, navigate to our home page, using your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop then tap or click on the ‘Get Started’ button. Choose your location and you will then be guided through the next steps in order to complete the process, including selecting the number of boxes you want (each one measures 57x47x36cm) and when you’d like them. You can also order packing materials if you are storing items that won’t fit in your boxes.

If you are planning on using some of your own boxes, do check first that they are robust enough. It’s easy to find out what boxes we can accept as we provide a guide to the sizes and weight limit for each box.

The next step in the booking process will be to set a date for us to come and collect the boxes you’ve packed. You’ll also see that there is an option to select a narrower window of time if this is more convenient. You will then be asked to complete details about the return delivery date.

Self Storage Prices With No Hidden Extras

All charges relating to your self storage plan are clearly stated during the booking process and at any time that you want to make any changes. If you want your items back sooner than planned, then we’ll refund the difference.

Secure Self Storage

We are fully insured whilst in storage and during transit and our premises are protected by top-of-the-line security measures, including alarm systems and digital CCTV.

If you would like to find out more, please call our team on 0161 207 1260.