Mobile Self Storage: A Moving and Storage Service

cheap student storageMobile Self Storage

Have you come across mobile self-storage before? The self-storage industry, hugely popular in the USA, has rapidly grown in the UK to serve the growing number of homeowners, business owners and students looking for safe, secure and economical storage.

Mobile self storage adds collection, transport and redelivery services to the traditional model, turning a purely storage-focused solution into a full moving and storage service.

Who Uses Mobile Self Storage?

Group Of University Students Working Outside TogetherEssentially, the same groups of people who use traditional self-storage services also use mobile self-storage. That includes private homeowners, business owners and especially students.

Mobile self-storage appeals to those who value convenience and/or are not in a position to hire a van to transport their possessions. For example, students find that mobile self-storage is ideal for them and may even be the only possible way they can access self-storage. Businesses are conscious of the cost-saving potential of mobile self-storage as they don’t have to take their vans or drivers out of service to transport stock, paperwork or office furniture.

There are many reasons why people use mobile self-storage. Some of the most common include:

  • Student storage – over the holidays or when coming to the end of a tenancy.
  • Moving house – when co-habiting, downsizing or between selling and buying a home.
  • Travelling, gap years and backpacking.
  • Office move.
  • Office document archiving.
  • Excess or seasonal stock storage.
  • Inventory for e-commerce stores or micro-businesses.
  • De-cluttering.

How Does the Space and Time Moving and Storage Service Work?

student storageBooking with Space and Time couldn’t be easier. Simply click the ‘Get Started’ button on our home page and run through the nine steps.

Space and Time drivers will then deliver strong and durable boxes to your home, business premises or uni hall together with packing materials (bubble wrap, tape, etc.) if needed.

You are free to pack at your leisure. We then collect your boxes along with any other items you need us to care for. We take them to our nearest self-storage centre and then deliver or ship them back to you when you need them.

An International Service

Our moving and storage service is designed to look after our local customers as efficiently as our national and international ones.

For local moves, we can simply arrange redelivery from our nearest storage facility. If you are moving within the UK or need your items returned to a different part of the country, we can provide the same level of service via our network of drivers and vehicles. For international moves, international students returning home or any deliveries that are outside our UK network, we can arrange professional, safe and secure shipping.

In a nutshell, wherever your A and B might be, we can seamlessly move your possessions between them to fit in with your schedule.

Flexibility and Security Guaranteed

The Space and Time moving and storage service aims to be as flexible as possible.

In terms of duration, we offer both short-term and long-term storage and you can book from four to 26 weeks’ storage directly via the online ordering process.

You can also request up to 30 boxes online and you won’t even be charged for those that end up being returned to our driver empty. We can also take additional items that don’t fit into boxes (bicycles, musical instruments, furniture, TVs, etc.)

Each of our storage facilities are damp-proof and protected by digital CCTV and monitored alarm systems.

To find out more about the Space and Time moving and storage service, get in touch with our easy going and helpful team on 0161 207 1260.