How does it work?

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Step 1: We your Mobile Self Storage Unit to your door

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It’s simple from start to finish using Space & Time Mobile Self-Storage for the Home. We can also provide you with packing supplies too. Firstly we deliver a Mobile Self-Storage Unit or Units to your home.

Step 2: You load the storage unit at your leisure

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We will leave the Mobile Self Storage Unit with you to load for a day or two. Alternatively you can take advantage of our Weekend Service where we simply drop it off on a Friday and collect the following Monday. Plus, you don’t need to be there to accept the delivery.

Step 3: We collect and return the unit to our storage-centre


Once you’ve loaded your unit, we will return and take it back to our secure storage-centre and look after it for you. Access if FREE of charge during our opening hours- just give us a call. Needless to say our storage-centres are secured by monitoring alarms and HD CCTV.

Step 4: When you want your items back, we deliver!

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Finally, and to complete the service, when you want your belongings out of storage permanently, we can deliver to the same address, a different address in the UK or we can ship the items to a Worldwide destination. It really is the simplest way to store!

About us

Space & Time Mobile Self Storage are providers of storage solutions for business, personal and student use. Unlike traditional self storage operators, we provide a transport solution, packing supplies and (of course) the secure storage itself. Therefore we save you time and money straight away. There is no need to visit our premises (although you are more than welcome) because we come to you. Finally we can also ship your items to most cities across the globe from our storage centres.

Registered & Head Office: t/a The MCR Self Storage Company Ltd, Wharfside Way, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1AW